Vegetables, sprouts and such are a big part of a successful Candida diet. By eating varied foods from the plant kingdom you help the body and the gut to achieve a good balance so that you can reduce your overgrowth of Candida. A great tip from us to you is to eat homemade alpha sprouts or mung bean sprouts. There are also other sprouts that can be grown and eaten. But alpha sprouts and mung bean sprouts are the ones we usually grow at home. It is incredibly easy, inexpensive and adds additional benefits to your diet! Variety is only good! We have bought a small sprout tray that in just three days gives us sprouts that are enough for a couple of servings. There are seedlings to find for under 10 dollars and a normal sized bag of alpha sprouts or mung beans will last for several months if you start a new cultivation a few times a month.

Do like this:

  1. Take one tablespoon of alpha sprouts or mung bean sprouts per level on the sprout tray. Place it in water, for example in a glass. There should be plenty of water so that all the sprouts are on the bottom of the glass in the quite so filled glass. Leave to stand for 24 hours.
  2. When the sprouts have been in water for 24 hours, you place one tablespoon of sprouts per level on the sprout tray and rinse with water. the water flows out through the holes in the tray but the sprouts should now only be kept moist. Then place the tray in a dark place, for example in a cabinet.
  3. Rinse the sprouts twice a day at regular intervals. Do this for two days, the third day the sprouts should be fully grown and can now stand in sunlight for a few hours to get a nice green color.
  4. Now the sprouts are ready to eat. Store the finished sprouts in a resealable drawer or jar in the fridge. The sprouts will stay fresh for about two days.