A dietary supplement that often is recommended to help building up the intestinal barrier is the amino acid L-glutamine. Glutamine is the most common amino acid in the body’s various tissues. L-glutamine seals the holes that are in the gut barrier if you suffer from leaky gut. Leaky bowel disease is common when you suffer from Candida overgrowth as both of these symptoms occur for approximately the same reasons. Poor diet, antibiotics and other drugs that create imbalances in the stomach.

To get L-glutamine through the diet, it is mainly meat that is the source. But it is easiest to absorb the large amounts needed to heal a leaky gut through L-glutamine in the form of supplements. We have purchased L-glutamine in powder form. 500 grams costs about 15 dollars, such a bag will last for a few months if you stick to the recommended daily intake.